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1. General

1. The contracting party signing the present document hereby declares to understand the language in which this document is written.

2. The buyers and owners of the objects and works ordered or repaired explicitly acknowledge having been informed on the general terms and conditions of order, sale and invoice, indicated hereafter, and having accepted them.

2. Price

3. The buyer acknowledges that the price was well readably, visibly and explicitly indicated in writing upon the acceptance of the invoice. The price is indicated in Euro and is exclusive of VAT and other government duties and costs.

4. Our prices are calculated on the basis of the cost prices, wages and the like valid at the time of order and confirmation. Therefore eventually made quotations are only an indication and are not binding, and we are always entitled to raise the prices agreed upon, even when this is due to circumstances already foreseeable upon the offer, acceptance or confirmation. The amount invoiced is solely binding.

5. Vokla is only bound by agreements made by its representatives or laborers if they have been confirmed by Vokla itself.

6. Each payment is credited on the eldest invoice. A payment is first credited on the indemnity, subsequently on the interests and finally on the main amount.

7. All invoices are payable in cash at our office.

8. In case of non-payment of the invoice when due by the person invoiced, the following clauses will automatically be applied without any further formal notice: - An interest on overdue payment of 1% per month is due on the total amount of the invoices as of the invoice date. - All discounts allowed are cancelled. - As of the invoice date, the total of the invoice is raised by 12% on the main amount by way of contractual damages, and with a minimum of 100 euro and in addition to the conventional interest, which remains anyhow due.

9. The overdue interests which are ranging over a unity of one full year after the invoice was made payable, are automatically and without any formal notice added to the main amount of the balance due, thus also producing interests on their turn. The same goes for the interest due of the consecutive years, which are also automatically and without any formal notice capitalized at the end of each yearly date of expiry.

10. All costs for encashment and protest of the accepted or unaccepted bill of exchange are for the account of the customer; the use of bills of exchange does however not change the place of payment. In case of non-observance of the possible conditions and terms of payment by installment, - whether these have been granted in form of bills of exchange or in another way-, the full claim becomes at call.

11. The drawing or the acceptance of bills of exchange or other tradable documents does not imply a novation and does not constitute a departure from the sales conditions.

12. The right of the customer to compensation by means of claims which he believes to have against us, is excluded.

13. Small deviations of quantities ordered, pattern, weight, color and design are allowed.

3. Delivery

14. All agreements are considered to have been entered into at our registered office and are executable at the same place.

15. Our deliveries are made ‘ex works’ (INCOTERMS 1990) at our place of exploitation and are considered as having been delivered by us in case the customer has failed to pick them up within two weeks after the report of the delivery.

16. The delivery to the customer is always on account of the latter, the goods being unloaded at the threshold or at the quay of the premises, if no other place has been agreed upon, and is executed by the customer himself, -who, if necessary, has to foresee a forklift-, in the absence of which an additional compensation for standstill will be due for the extra hours.

17. The time of delivery is only of indicative nature and the seller will by no means be liable to an indemnity because of the expiry of the time of delivery indicated. The purchaser remains liable to the obligations. Only in the event of the time of delivery exceeding six months, dissolution may follow on without an indemnity however being due.

18. The customer commits himself to verify the goods upon receipt of the delivery as to conformity, quantity, defects, damage, etc... and to inform the transporter immediately on all contests in exchange for a receipt, a copy of which is to be sent to Vokla.

19. No return of goods will be accepted unless upon previous approval by Vokla.

20. The goods delivered remain the exclusive and full property of the seller until full payment was made of the main amount, the interests, the indemnity and the judicial costs.

4. Guarantee

21. The joint contractor acknowledges having been properly and usefully informed before the order was made concerning the characteristics of the product or the service, as well as concerning the terms and conditions of order, sale and invoice. The product is consistent with the reasonably foreseen use and needs, as expected by the joint contractor.

22. We are solely liable for clearly demonstrable defects of delivery or manufacture, but nor for defects in the manufacturing or the material of delivered goods which the buyer grants exoneration for.

23. The customer cannot call in the excuse of contests regarding the guarantee in order to apply a delay of payment himself. On the contrary, each delay of payment cancels any possible guarantee.

5. Contests

24. We consider general terms and conditions of order, sale and invoice applied by joint contractors which are inconsistent with our terms and conditions, as non-existing, except upon our formal and written acceptance. The content of an invoice needs to be contested in writing and within eight days of receipt; otherwise this contest will be considered null and void.

25. The joint contractor who does not protest the received invoice within eight days after the receipt, acknowledges having received the goods indicated on the invoice, as well as a copy of the order form and of the invoice.

26. In case of contest only the courts of our registered office will be competent and the Belgian law will be applied.

27. In case the person making the order signs in his own name as well as in the name of the company which he is working for, both will be jointly and severally held to payment of the full debt, as foreseen in the present terms and conditions.